You Can Draw with this Amazing Artist

You Can Draw with this Amazing Artist

You Can Draw 🙂

As many of you already know I am the creator of Spikelings, a group of whimsical characters.  SpikelingsI am in the process of writing my first childrens book.  In this endeavor I have contacted many illustrators for my book but being a diy’er I would love to be able to illustrate my own book.  (I know its a long shot but one never knows unless you try 😉 )  Let’s see how that goes.

While on this journey I met an extremely talented artist named Tom Gant.  Did I already mention he is extremely talented 😉  I am hoping he and I can collaborate on my book.  He has his own line of coloring books and comic strips.  His work is amazing, fun and very detailed.  You can relate to his characters. Make sure to click on his name above and explore his wonderful world of characters.  Here is the best thing I love about this artist, he is sharing his talent with us all.  He has a YouTube channel where he teaches you to draw with “You Can Draw” videos.  Let’s show him some support by subscribing to his channel or following him on facebook.

How did you guess I have watched and participated in his drawing tutorials and I must say he makes it so easy.  🙂  Why don’t you try them out too.  

Here are some of samples of the works I’ve created with his tutorials.  I think I did pretty good considering I cant draw..

PhotoGrid_1424449278595 (1)PhotoGrid_1424453112272 (1)

So if you are like me and justwant to doeverything yourself, give him a try.  Surprise yourself at how easy he make it so You Can Draw. 🙂  Yes even if you cant draw, you will feel you’ve completed  a masterpiece.  I know that is how I feel 😉

                                                             Have fun go give it a try!

 PhotoGrid_1424450436815 (1)PhotoGrid_1424780909041 (1)




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