Wax Paper Photo Wood Transfer

Wax Paper Photo Wood Transfer

Wax Photo Wood Transfer


I am going to teach you how to make a wood transfer in just a matter of minutes. 🙂  All you need is a few supplies you have at home.

Supplies needed:

Picture on Computer


Wax Paper

Wood plaque

Piece of tape

I know you are thinking- this woman is crazy.. 😉 I am not, watch my video and be amazed how simple it is to do.  The hard part is deciding which picture to print.  As you can see from the video I chose to do a transfer of Spike, one of the Spikelings© characters.  Make sure to follow the Spikelings© story on Social media 😉  Facebook , Instagram.  ←Click the links.  I am in the process of writing a book, which if all goes well will be coming out by the years end.  🙂 I’m so excited 🙂  It is being illustrated by an amazing artist.  You can read my post on him here

Read before attempting so you won’t be dissapointed.

In the video I mention that Reynolds wax paper works better, this is through trial and error.  I wanted to do the video to share with you last week but didnt have wax paper at home so bought wax paper at the dollar store-lets just say you get what you pay for.  It did transfer but the wax paper absorbed most of the ink..No bueno 😉

You also want to make sure your printer prints on best quality so that your image comes out nice and dark on the wood.

You can also tape the wax paper to the wood so that it doesn’t move making it easier for you to rub.

After the ink is dry for a few hours or overnight, you can seal the piece either using a glittered sealer like I did on my logo or some polyurathane so that it shines.  Totally up to you.

What are you waiting for I know you’re dying to see if it works.  It does. 🙂  Make sure to share with your friends on social media.  Also I want to see your masterpieces.  Post them on Instagram #diyreally or tag me @really_diy



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