Spoon Flower Mirror Tutorial

Spoon Flower Mirror Tutorial

Spoon Flower Mirror Tutorial


Watch my video tutorial to learn how easy and economical it is to make this beautiful spoon flower mirror.

Supplies needed:

Plastic spoon ( The flower in picture took approx.  117-120)

Board for backing

Glue gun and glue sticks

Mirror ( This mirror is 5 inch diameter)

Spray paint in any color

Picture Hangers

Some spoons are a little tough to cut with scissors.  My advice to you is to make sure you buy cheap spoons.  Those are usually much easier to cut. 😉 I used spoons from the 99 cent store.  Also make sure to buy a few packages of spoons.  I bought a specific brand and didn’t buy enough. 🙁 Went searching and no other store had them but where I first purchased so I wasted a lot of time instead of buying extra.  If you have a lot of extras, make an extra flower mirror and gift it.  I’m sure the recipient will love it.

Here is the video:  I ask for you to please share with your friends and family.  I would really appreciate it. 🙂  


Here is another one of the flowers I created.  What do you guys think.  I think the gold color makes the flowers look very stylish.

This flower only has two layers of spoons, using a total of 22 spoons.

flower1The other flower in the video has 42 spoons.  That way you have an idea of how many spoons you will need depending on the size flower you will make.

Have fun and let me know how your Spoon Flower Mirror turns out. 🙂  Share your photos on my facebook page here I would love to see them in different colors.


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