How to Clean Grout the Easy Way

How to Clean Grout the Easy Way

How to clean grout the easy way


Just like many of you I have tried several do it yourself methods of cleaning my grout and nothing has worked until now. 🙂  My grout never looked so clean, not even the day I moved into my apt. over 10 years ago.  Not for lack of trying I’ve tried the grout cleaner with vinegar and several other ingredients people were raving about and after scrubbing for what seemed like an eternity it was just a little bit less dirty 😉

Keep in mind this is what works for me and it is almost natural-if you don’t consider bleach 😉 I have to admit I love bleach and the smell of cleanliness it gives.

Here I will provide you with a step by step picture tutorial to clean grout the easy way, with less than a minute of scrubbing.  

You will need two simple ingredients, I’m sure you already have at home.  Bleach and baking soda. In addition to a mixing bowl, old toothbrush, scrubbing brush and a little water.

Pour baking soda into mixing bowl, add bleach until you get the texture of a creamy paste. ( Should not be too liquidy- if so add more baking soda)

With toothbrush put mixture onto grout lines-no scrubbing yet.  It should look like this:grout2

Yes I know dirty..ugh.. that’s 10+ years. 🙁

Once they are all covered, set timer for 10 minutes. Go watch some TV 😉

Easy so far 🙂

Once timer goes off.  Get ready for a little elbow grease and I mean little 🙂  Pour a little water on floor and scrub with scrubbing brush, it won’t take more than a minute. This is how it looks:groutbrush

Do you see how easy the dirt is lifting up? Now time to wipe off this mess.  I used a mop a few times to make life simpler 😉 then used a clean rag to make sure all residue was removed.  Look at how clean it got and only 15 minutes.  WOWgroutwipe2Here is the final look once it dried.  I have to honestly say I wish I would’ve known how easy this was 10 years ago.  Only advice I’d give is make sure to open your windows 🙂groutfinalDayana

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