Couponing For Everyday People Part 1

Couponing For Everyday People Part 1

Couponing For Everyday People: Part 1

Now everyone that knows me knows I am a couponing queen.  It has to be on sale and I have to have a coupon for it, if not I can’t get it.  I know it’s a little extreme but I have saved a ton of money this way and my family has not gone without.

Many of you might be afraid to try couponing because of the shows that show people buying a ridiculous amount of one product that of course they will not really use.  Well I’m here to tell you that I do stockpile certain items for the year like: shavers, toothpaste, cereals and other items that I’m sure will be useful.  I will never buy things my family does not need just to save.

I have never paid more than $1 for brand name cereals.  I’ve actually gotten them as low as 3 for $1. No that’s not a typo.  😉

Let me teach you the basics and where you can go to get coupons

This is the place I go for every month for coupons. They allow to print two of each coupon every month.  Check the site several times a month since they do update it more than once. (My little secret…I print copies from my work computer, from my laptop, my daughters laptop and anywhere else I can. 🙂 )

Next place I go for coupons – this place has a few coupons, some good ones.  When you’re looking to save, any little bit helps.

My other go to place is the Sunday newspaper.  Since I live in Queens I have noticed that Newsday, even tho it is more expensive it is worth it.  It brings the most coupons. (Depending on the coupons- I might just buy two)

You can also go directly to the manufacturers of your favorite products, a lot of them give you coupons on their website.

Here are some places to sign up for and take advantage of their offers:

Kelloggs Family Rewards they have a lot of very good coupons

P&G Everyday

Betty Crocker

Right at Homelots of coupons for cleaning supplies

Box TopsEarn money for your kids school while you save money.


I’ll let you sign up to these wonderful websites and print out some coupons before we move on to the actual coupons themselves and how to use them.

My favorite place to shop is Stop & Shop because they double coupons, so part two will consist of: learning to use the coupons and shopping at Stop & Shop.

Please post questions or comments below.

Couponing for Everyday People: Part 2


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