Couponing For Everyday People Part 2

Couponing For Everyday People Part 2

Couponing for Everyday People: Part 2

couponsIn Couponing for everyday people part one I gave you links to printable coupons.  (If you haven’t clicked on the links, please do so..I’ll wait 😉 )I forgot to mention in previous post.  DO NOT EVER MAKE COPIES OF COUPONS. THIS IS ILLEGAL!!

There are different types of coupons.

There are coupons called Blinkies, these you will find in the aisles of the supermarket.  They look like this.  You can have fun with the kids and have them locate the blinkies and find you coupons. I know I enjoy finding blinkies 😉

Blinkie Machine

There are coupons called peelies.  These are on products where manufacturers want you to use the coupon on the spot.  Before I use the peelie I always see if I already have a printable coupon for said item that way I keep the peelie for the next time.  Smart shopping. 😉  I hope you are following me so far.  Peelies look like this.( I’ll admit I sometimes remove one or two for future use.  All I say is please don’t take them all, leave for the other couponers out there. 🙂Peelies

There are Catalina coupons, which print off at a machine located at the registers.  They look like this.


Ok the moment you’ve been waiting for, learning how to use coupons the normal way.  First start off small.  Print coupons for items you use everyday.  When you go to supermarket and buy those products give the cashier the coupons.  See simple enough, you’ve already saved. 😉

I do it a little bit different.  I like savings on savings. The way to do this is to find an item on sale and use a coupon. So instead of just getting it for the sale price, you’re getting for less than the average person.  I shop at Stop & Shop because they double their coupons valued up to .99 cents.  Let me make it simple for you. If the coupon face value is $1- you will get $1 deducted from the item.  If the coupon face value is .75 cents- you will get $1.50 deducted from item.  So that means the smaller face value is actually worth more. (Keep in mind that’s because my supermarket doubles their coupons)

Now how do you find out the coupon policy for the supermarket you frequent. You can find it online at their website, if not ask the manager of the supermarket to provide you with one.  This is very important because when you use coupons on a more frequent basis you want to make sure what you can and cannot do.  I am providing you with the Stop & Shop coupon policy here. Please read it so you can become familiar with it.

Ok I’ll let you take in all this info before we move on to discussing shopping.  I will show you what I will be buying and how I will stack the savings on Couponing for Everyday People: Part 3 coming soon.

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