Couponing for Everyday People Part 3

Couponing for Everyday People Part 3

Couponing for Everyday People: Part 3

cerealsYou’ve had plenty of time to read Couponing for Every day People part 1 and 2.  If you haven’t what are you waiting for? 😉

There is another very useful coupon called the rain-check.  This is a couponers dream. 🙂 These are issued when the supermarket does not have a product that is on sale.  So make sure if they don’t have a product you need always and I mean always get a rain-check.  I will show you how to use to stack coupons.  Like I mentioned in the previous post start small.  Use coupons for items you normally buy until you have learned a little more.  Next would be to use coupons on sale items.  For example if your kids favorite cereal is on sale for $2.50 and you have a coupon for $.75 cents off.  That means you get that cereal for only $1.75.  If you store doubles which mine does 😉 then you only pay $1.  When was the last time you bought a box of cereal for $1…(Take your time..really think about it…)  That’s what I thought.  I on the other hand will never pay more than $1 for a box of cereal. 🙂  You can use this example with any product.

Now I will show you an example on really stacking your coupons for an AWESOME price.  Once you learn a little bit about couponing, you will be hooked.  That’s a promise. 😉

So just the other day I went to the supermarket and bought 6 boxes of brand name cereals (yes I have to make sure I emphasize for those that have told me they only give coupons for things you don’t use :/ )  I paid only $1, ONE DOLLAR for all 6 boxes 🙂 So if we do the math that means I only paid about $.17 cents per box..WOW you say..I know.  You know what is more of a WOW, I forgot to use a coupon which would have made them FREE. 🙁 How you ask?  Here is the answer.

A while back I went to buy a specific cereal they had on sale and they were all out so of course I got a rain check 🙂 (I went back the next day and asked for another rain-check)






So my rain-check was for 3 General Mills cereals for $5 it is limited to certain sizes but the rain-check doesn’t specify which cereals 😉  and it was for a total of 6 boxes.  So of course I took all 6, that’s a promo you don’t pass up.

This week they have the promo above- when you buy 4 you save $6

I had 3 coupons each worth $.50 cents and since Stop&Shop doubles that makes it $3

Here is the formula

6 cereals (Rain-check 3 for $5) Total $10

3 coupons Total -$3

Promo running this week -$6

Total Out of Pocket (OOP) $1 ONE DOLLAR.  You don’t believe me? I knew you would say that so here is my proof. Since I saved so much I splurged on getting chocolate chip cookie dough which was 2 for $6. 


Hope you enjoy your couponing 🙂 Very Important: Do not be embarrassed to use coupons or that people that wait behind you will complain.  I’ve had people behind me complain and then tell me they would love to learn how I do it.  Plus they should envy that you save so much on your groceries.  So pass it forward and tell them where you learned. 😉

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