Beautiful Crochet Rose

Beautiful Crochet Rose

I just made these beautiful crochet roses for Mother’s Day.  Let me tell you everyone loved them, they raved on how realistic they looked.  Must say I did good and to be honest they were so simple to make I even felt guilty…ssshhhh I won’t tell if you promise not too. 😉

So I have decided to make a video on how easy it is to make them.  First I would really love to than June from Planet June for the beautiful crochet rose pattern.  I checked out so many different patterns and hers was the easiest most simplest rose to achieve.  Bonus points because it actually turns out to look like a rose. 🙂

You can find her pattern and tutorial here Basic Rose Pattern

Here’s the video, hope you enjoy it 🙂

For the calyx 

Start with MR (magic ring)

SC 5

Inc 10

Chain 4, In second chain SC, In third chain HDC, In fourth chain 2 DC, Sl St into next sc

Repeat 4x

For Leaves

Chain 8, SC in 2nd chain from hook, HDC in 3rd chain, DC in 4-5-6 chains, HDC in 7th chain, 2 SC in 8th(last) chain. Turn work, Repeat same on other side of leaf.

I hope you enjoyed making these roses as much as I did.  Would love to see your finished roses 🙂

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Thank you so much


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